Dating airline guitars

Dating airline guitars

Dating airline guitars

Brand : Airline Distributed by Montgomery Wards 2) m 3) And right in the Wikipedia, references to Kay making some of the Montgomery Wards Airline guitars and amps - the preceding text was posted.

Hook Me Up, dating, show. Gumdropster 17:45, (UTC comments in article edit, i am moving the following text from the article to the talk page. The date on the back of your Airline guitar's pickup suggests that it is a DeArmond pickup on a Harmony-made guitar. This article is within the scope.

We love talking shop with customers every day. The date on the pickup would be the date of manufacture of the pickup, not the entire guitar. It does, indeed, have a Res-O-Glas appearance, however - which is akin to the Airline. I don't think they came with them though.

Kyle, dating airline guitars

Contents (untitled) edit, please correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the reissues actually do use single coil pickups, just in a humbucker-like casing. In the end, its about the music, and sharing musical passion. GigglesnortHotel ( talk ) 13:38, (UTC) Res-O-Glas Photo edit My photo, File:g found posted in this article is actually that of a reissued Fender Coronado (Eastwood Coronado DLX not of a Valco Airline.

Vantage dating anyone but dating a model. For that reason, the photo has been removed. Skip to content, the return of vintage classics.

This article has not yet received a rating on the project's quality scale. Guitars made by Harmony for other marketers, such as Ward's/Airline sometimes vary slightly in the model numbering schemes, but the date stamps, if there, are usually accurate." Ref -(Expert: Bill Ruxton - 5/14/2006). By musicians, for musicians. There is no way to determine the exact day of manufacture of Harmony products, and Kay products usually can't even be precisely dated to a specific year, except by identifying the model from vintage catalogs. Fortlansing ( talk ) 20:24, (UTC) Update: As mentioned by a previous post, I also noticed the advertisement feel to the Guitar Kits USA section and removed the following: "Like the old Valco guitars, Guitar Kits USA bodies are manufactured in the United States, and. At least form what I've heard. Preceding unsigned comment added by ( talk ) 22:26, (UTC) Agreed, and this has been deleted along with some other unsourced content. The guitar itself would have been completed in Chicago some time after 11-22-63.

Carlo greco guitars to date first used by german addition. Were not just guitar freaks, were players ourselves, so we get. As written, rune factory tides of destiny dating requirements it is commentary and better suited for the talk page.

Airline guitars - "Airline was a Montgomery Ward house brand, and during the 60s, practically all Airline guitars were made either by the Harmony or Kay companies of Chicago. Also, "Airline" brand was registered by Montgomery Wards store company and not Valco; as this brand was used on instruments made by Harmony and Kay, both competitors.

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These date stamps are sometimes followed by a few additional letters or numbers that apparently are some sort of production code. Gyrofrog (talk) 18:00, 11 February 2011 (UTC while the above information is "possibly" true about the source for the "resin body" electrics, it is totally false in regards 45 year old man dating a 23 year old woman to the Airline wood attractive dating site uk body "electric "acoustic" and "acoustic electric" guitars. The "Res-O-Glas Guitars by Guitar Kits USA" section of the article edit If I'm not mistaken, this section reads like attractive dating site uk blatant advertising for "Guitar Kits USA" and is not in accordance with the encyclopedic spirit of wikipedia.

The return of vintage classics. Fortlansing ( talk ) 20:19, (UTC) Update: Nevermind, I guess Eastwood decided that they attractive dating site uk append Airline, a brand of the defunct Valco onto the Coronado, a model of Fender Guitars to create this hybrid.

There is plenty of documentation on this on the internet and in books on vintage American made guitars. Should this section be modified or removed? Harmony guitars may have a small, faint date stamp inside the body, such as F-63 (Fall 1963) or S-64 (Spring/Summer 1964). If you would like to participate, please visit the project page, where you can join the discussion and see a list of open tasks?

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