Dating an eod tech

Dating an eod tech

Dating an eod tech

If you did, you would be back at square one. Source: Reddit 11/ Bomb technicians make bombs Flickr/US Embassy Montevideo We armed dating an eod tech with the knowledge to construct explosive devices so that we are better versed in knowing how they operate.

EOD technicians are highly-trained military members serving in the Army, Marines, Navy, and Air Force who are responsible for disarming, rendering safe, and disposing of bombs. Flickr/Marion Doss, you always assume worst case scenario and downgrade from there. For a mine, we'd probably have to dig a lot and come in from the side. It's hard to describe trends because the device is left up to the imagination of the bomb maker.

Anything over say 10lbs of pure high explosive is scary because it negates the protective effects of the bomb suit at. While wires may not matter, different color markings on ordnance does. Wire color doesn't matter one bit, it's just a rubber coating. But my benefits are all military so I don't pay for those. Also learn some basic knots, girth hitch, bowline, clove hitch etc.

Explosive ordnance disposal technicians with 2nd EOD Platoon, 1st Marine Logistics Group (Forward counteract IEDs everyday. Sometimes we also use electric squibs or electric matches for more realism factor. One less device is one less kid dead in a landmine is Laos, or one less family without a mom, dad, son, daughter and so on in America or Baghdad. Anything on BPA has been scrubbed and approved.

We countercharged that thing and it was raining fur. The Marines said that in a job with no margin for error, trusting each other is vital. We hope you agree.

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Pado said the job takes a lot of self-discipline and family support to exercise caution during day to day operations counteracting IEDs. For full content and NOS, please request the course data sheet below). This 15-day course is for, eOD Operators who have formally completed a recognised EOD 2 course of instruction and who have then gained at least 18 months experience working in the field of EOD or have been recommended by a competent authority.

EOD stands for Explosive Ordnance Disposal, the disarming and disposal of bombs. Source: Reddit 14/ Not what to write in a first online dating message all weapons are explosive.

Once the ordnance ran out overseas they started making fertilizer based explosives with cheap electronics parts. "The great element of this job is I'm able to work tight with my unit said Sgt. There are so many different ways to make a bomb that it's like solving a puzzle.

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Something strapped and locked to someone (usually neck). "Because of the experience, it has opened up numerous opportunities for me to become a better Marine.". It helps you learn how to set up perimeters, deal with fire/med/police, ensure public safety, etc.

Ordnance Disposal Explosive Police Military Specialist. Flickr/AN honorable german, you're basically setting off the main charge of explosives with the energy from the counter charge (your explosives). Designed for government agencies who want to formalise their staff qualifications for competency and duty of care dating sites ballymena purposes.

The money is nice but you can't use it as a pink mist. They're usually ghetto, done in a rush. While the main character is more of a cowboy style risk taker, real bomb techs are far more tedious, calculated, and safe. We train on scenarios like that frequently. I do take solace in the fact that if it's my time to buy the farm that it will more than likely be swift and painless (we call it the pretty pink mist). My experience again may be a bit dated as my military service was from 04-06 (medical discharge cut my time short).

PT EOD Technology provides sustainable capabilities by transforming front line experience and a deep understanding of evolving terrorist threats into integrated solutions for the worlds elite Counter-Terror police and military agencies. BI accounts, edition, bI accounts, edition, Follow us on: There is an unassailable prestige that come from being dating browse pictures an Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) member in the military. Pracs are the fun hands on part, class room is brutal.

Military personnel serving and retired, law Enforcement serving and retired. If you have a bomb in a dark room you want the room to stay dark in case it is triggered by light. The Marines remain enthusiastic about their job despite their high deployment rate. Navy Imagery, it is made out of Kevlar and steel plates. Face to face with an EOD Tech.".

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